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Backpacks for Nurses and Kenya Wildlife Services Rescue.

A series of surprising coincidences allowed a small miracle to happen.   We managed to find 64 bright yellow backpacks through Sierra Trading Post at a price we could afford. These were shipped into Nanyuki Kenya in near record time thanks to Tropic Air Kenya who managed and payed customs and delivery.  KWS got 14 and CHAT received 50 backpacks for the visiting nurses and FP counselors. Thank you Tropic Air Kenya!



CHAPS has Guidestar Silver ranking.

Chaps is now designated Silver Rating by Guidestar.  We are looking at moving up to a aGold rating but at present it would require us to spend significant funds on an accounting audit.  Should we find a volunteer who can audit our very simple books we will revisit the question.  In the mean time those funds will be spent in support of family planning.

What we do

CHAPS provides direct funding to remote clinics that have proven to be effective in their environment. These clinics receive only small amounts of funding from large programs and we endeavor to fill in the gaps. You may direct your donations to one of the following categories of funding:  Family Planning, general healthcare, clinic operations, unrestricted funds.

Family planning 

Family planning is one of the most critical needs for remote communities to survive and thrive.  By choosing to space their children 3-5 years apart it is possible for the whole family to survive the devastating droughts that regularly sweep the north of Kenya. Read More

Due Diligence, 

In late April, two board members traveled to Northern Kenya to review the clinics that CHAPs has made donations to support and to visit two other organizations who are candidates for support. The CHAT clinic is making huge progress in establishing grass roots support for Family Planning which; will in turn, make Family Planning a priority at higher levels.

The burn clinic at Ol Malo for the Samburu Trust

The burn clinic at Ol Malo is filling a desperate need for the remote areas of northern Kenya.   So many children fall into the cooking fires and with the introduction of the acrylic baby hats and clothes from China, the melted fabric drives the burns to horrific levels. We were able to fund a years supply of bandages and medicines for them. The clinic is having quite good success with healing the wounds. This is a photo of one young patient. 

Simien Mountains Mobile Medical Service (SMMMS)

This is a clinic that has begun operation in remote Northern Ethiopia.  They have started a program to make Family Planning available in the Simien Mountains as well as provide midwives and visiting nurses.  They frequently go out with donkey trains to reach the most difficult areas.  We are currently evaluating possible support for the Family Planning program.

Non-Profit Information

CHAPS is a US approved 501(c)3 nonprofit.  
Our EIN number is 

CHAPS is dedicated to easing poverty and suffering by supporting mobile clinics and remote healthcare providers in northern Kenya. 

"Any one can make a difference.  Everyone should try." John F. Kennedy

The first trial with vaccines

Clinic in the field

Successful burn treatment at the Ol Malo burn clinic

This Land Rover donated by CHAPS