We did it!

$40,000 has been sent to the clinics

to buy Family Planning supplies.

Being able to space each birth 3 - 4 years apart results in huge improvements in all aspects of the family life.

This funding includes nurses salaries, supplies and family planning counselors who go out and teach about the various options available for family planning.  It costs $7 to provide a 3 or 5 year insert per person.

 Unfortunately, the unintended consequences of President Trump's first executive order will have the greatest financial impact on the small clinics that operate far from the political power base in Nairobi.

The clinics we support are having long range success concerning family planning.  It is vital to reach the men too.  Thanks to the clinic's innovative integration  of ecological awareness in to family planning education including live stock, water rangeland trees, etc when planning families the men now feel part of the conversation and no longer feel its "woman's business".


100% of your donation goes to the causes we support as the board members are unpaid and they pay all operating costs.


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CHAPS is also now part of Amazon Smile.  It doesn't cost you anything but raises funds for our work.

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CHAPS has Guidestar Silver ranking.

Chaps is now designated Silver Rating by Guidestar.  We are looking at moving up to a aGold rating but at present it would require us to spend significant funds on an accounting audit.  Should we find a volunteer who can audit our very simple books we will revisit the question.  In the mean time those funds will be spent in support of family planning.

What we do

CHAPS provides direct funding to remote clinics that have proven to be effective in their environment. These clinics receive only small amounts of funding from large programs and we endeavor to fill in the gaps. You may direct your donations to one of the following categories of funding:

Family planning 

Family planning is one of the most critical needs for remote communities to survive and thrive.  By choosing to space their children 3-5 years apart it is possible for the whole family to survive the devastating droughts that regularly sweep the north of Kenya. Read More

CHAPS Solar Vaccine Refrigerator

Imagine eradicating vaccine preventable diseases all over the world.  This dream is with in reach; help us make it a reality.  At CHAPS we have been working to build a solar powered vaccine refrigerator to transport immunizations to some of the most remote communities in the world.  We have developed one that meets the tough transportation requirements and protects the vaccines to the specifications of the World Health Organization. Read More

In partnership with Lift Up Africa (www.liftupafrica.org) and with testing support from PATH (www.PATH.org)  and Cascade Engineering we are working to develop a vaccine refrigerator that meets the World Health Organization specifications and can be sent out on pack animals to remote locations.  

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Non-Profit Information

CHAPS is a US approved 501(c)3 nonprofit.  
Our EIN number is 

Our Partners and Supporters

  • Lift Up Africa
  • PATH
  • APEX
  • Cascade Engineering, Inc.

CHAPS is dedicated to easing poverty and suffering by supporting mobile clinics and remote healthcare providers in northern Kenya. 

"Any one can make a difference.  Everyone should try." John F. Kennedy

The first trial with vaccines

The solar vaccine refrigerator on a 1 month trial

Presenting a check

Shanni and Rose accept donations for Family Planning, HIV/Aids and the Camel Clinics

This Land Rover donated by CHAPS