Update on the Solar Vaccine Refrigerator for Pack Animal Transport. 

To serve those who live beyond the reach of current technology requires a very special refrigerator. The transport of vaccines is extremely challenging due to searing temperatures in equatorial Africa and the weeks that the clinic must be out of range of roads. Our refrigerator meets the requirements of the World Health Organization specification (PQS).   

Testing continues in the field while we are preparing to produce components.  This project needs the funds for tooling to produce the fridge.

Existing vaccine refrigerators are unable to stabilize vaccine temperatures during transport and require far more electricity than can be produced under these conditions. A prototype has successfully proved this new technology.  Please help us build it.

Previous News

APEX foundation stepped in with the necessary funds to build a prototype liner (built by PCSI Design, Inc.)  and Cascade Engineering donated the testing of the fridge per the WHO PQS.  The results we obtained were beyond our conservative estimates.  The vaccine refrigerator with the prototype liner demonstrated a 9-hour holdover time in a 43C environmental temperature.  Holdover time is the time that the vaccines will be kept at required temperature after power has been shut off.  We are assured that a liner made with production materials would likely have near 12 hours of hold over time.  A 9 hour holdover time will easily allow a mobile clinic to load this vaccine refrigerator onto transport and move to the next clinic location and repower - the total time would be with in the hold over time limit. 

Intertek (a company that is qualified to test the vaccine refrigerators to the WHO specifications) offered to test the final fridge design in return for use of the project in their advertising.  This was a tremendous donation. 

 In late November we had a very good meeting with a company that currently supplies large vaccine refrigerators to fixed clinics in areas with limited electricity availability.  In future discussion we hope to develop a partnership with the company, which would expand their product line and utilize their existing distribution system. 

At present we are waiting to hear back from our possible partner and searching for at least partial funds to build the tooling for manufacturing the liner for the fridge.

What is Needed

  • Funds to build tooling to manufacture components for the refrigerator
  • A partner to build and market the refrigerator