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CHAPS   Covid-19 and what has been accomplished

Some times the stars align and two small organizations (with a little help) can do things that no government can possibly match.

Covid-19 had reached Nairobi and it was feared the virus would find its way into the nomadic tribes.  Fortunately one of the clinics we support; CHAT, already had its FP Corp in these communities doing outreach.  CHAT put in a call for funding help to equip the Corp with information about Covid-19, soap, supplies to build hand washing stations and to buy masks and other supplies.  With the funds CHAPS had on hand and could raise quickly, the CHAT FP Corp was able to rapidly deploy into these communities with desperately needed information and supplies.  In these remote areas there are no hospitals, ventilators or oxygen to treat people infected by the virus.  CHAT worked closely with the Government of Kenya.

Many thanks to the Apex Foundation who stepped up with  matching funds to make the above work possible.

In addition to the work with CHAT we also funded extra nurses in the remote Simien Mountains of Ethiopia.  This is the area where everything moves via footpaths and the ambulance is a donkey.

At the end of the 2019 we had expended most of our resources funding neonatal emergency kits for the clinics scattered in the Simien Mountains and the expansion of Family Planning to Kenya's Mt. Marsabit, Mt. Kulal and the Suguta Valley.  These are the locations that the locust swarms have driven hungry people.                       



Hand washing station distributed by CHAT.  

Step on the stick and a string attached to the water jug tilts it to pour a stream of water.

CHAPS has Guidestar Silver ranking.

Chaps is now designated Silver Rating by Guidestar.  We are looking at moving up to a aGold rating but at present it would require us to spend significant funds on an accounting audit.  Should we find a volunteer who can audit our very simple books we will revisit the question.  In the mean time those funds will be spent in support of family planning.

What we do

CHAPS provides direct funding to remote clinics that have proven to be effective in their environment. These clinics receive only small amounts of funding from large programs and we endeavor to fill in the gaps. You may direct your donations to one of the following categories of funding:  Family Planning, general healthcare, clinic operations, unrestricted funds.

Family planning 

Family planning is one of the most critical needs for remote communities to survive and thrive.  By choosing to space their children 3-5 years apart it is possible for the whole family to survive the devastating droughts that regularly sweep the north of Kenya. Read More


Simien Mountains Mobile Medical Service (SMMMS)

SMMMS is a clinic that has begun operation in remote Northern Ethiopia.  They have 7 clinics scattered through the remote region and also send out backpack nurses.  CHAPS funded the training of their15 midwives to be certified to provide reversible Family Planning.  This is a classic example of how a small amount of funds; properly placed, can make a huge difference.  For $6000 all 15 midwives have been certified for Family Planning including the travel and living costs while taking the course at Gondor University.  This new skill will be in operation for the next 20 years.

The next goal is Basic Emergency Obstetrics and Neonatal Care (BEmONC) certification for all of the midwives and the equipment needed to provide the emergency care.  Total cost would be about $25,000 to cover 8 clinics. 


Non-Profit Information

CHAPS is a US approved 501(c)3 nonprofit.  
Our EIN number is 


CHAPS is dedicated to easing poverty and suffering by supporting mobile clinics and remote healthcare providers in northern Kenya. 

"Any one can make a difference.  Everyone should try." John F. Kennedy


SMMMS backpack nurse with new backpack