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The concept for CHAPS began in 2006 in Kenya when Meg Holgate and Donna Thorson were on safari in Northern Kenya.  Both observed that the region's remote settlements had little or no access to healthcare.  They realized that focused funding could have a huge impact in these communities.   Further research introduced them to Shanni Wreford-Smith, the program's coordinator, for two mobile clinics: the Community Health Africa Trust & Nomadic Communities Trust.  These clinics are integrated mobile health clinics that serve the Laikipia and Samburu regions.  Several months later Donna and Meg returned to Kenya to visit the clinics.  Days were spent in the field with the clinics and evenings were spent with Shanni at her home learning about her work and her unwavering commitment to the underserved peoples of remote Kenya.  Upon returning home, Donna and Meg formed CHAPS with Molly Fay, a volunteer who had recently completed a Princeton University Fellowship with the mobile clinics. CHAPS is proud to support the amazing work these clinics are performing in Kenya's Northern Frontier region. 

President: Donna Thorson

Secretary: Judy Schocken

Treasurer: Marian Webster

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