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A series of coincidences allowed CHAPS to get 64 backpacks to Nanyuki in record time.  These are unusual Thule backpacks in the bright yellow of the CHAT clinic land Rovers and are fully adjustable to work for a variety of people.  Sierra Trading post happened to get the backpacks on close out making them the price we could afford and Tropic Air Kenya stepped up to bring them in through their customs system and deliver them ....and pay the Kenya duties on the backpacks.

Thank you Tropic Air Kenya!





Family Planning

Women in Northern Kenya are coming to understand that spacing their children several years apart is one of the greatest contributors to the health and success of their families.  With out Family Planning, in a 5 year span, the average woman may bear 4 children.  Each birth in succession is much more likely to result in a low birth weight and sickly baby since the mother doesn’t have time to regain her strength before her next pregnancy. The family planning method these women prefer to use is the 3-5 year implant as it works best with their lives. (Read More)

Please join us in making these much needed implants available to 30,000 women who want their babies and families to be healthy and strong.