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Women waiting for clinics

What is Needed

  • A Nurse's salary  $7,000/year
  • Funds to send the mobile clinics into the field
  • FP supplies

With education about family planning now available thanks to the mobile clinics, the demand for family planning is nearly overwhelming.  (read more)

When drought strikes, and it does at regular intervals, the situation becomes desperate.   The men and older boys leave with the cattle in search of pasture and water while the women are left behind to find food and water for the dependent children and the elderly.   Already exhausted from the physical strain of yearly childbirth and nursing, these women are the only hope for the survival of the family.  If only 1 child had been born during the preceding 5 years, the family's chance for survival is significantly higher and the mother would be in much better physical condition to search for food. 

Even in good times, spacing the children allows a greater possibility that families will be able to afford to educate their children.